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SFM 24




XXVIII International School for Junior Scientists and Students on Optics, Laser Physics & Biophotonics



06.06.2024 – Opening of abstract submission

25.08.2024 – Deadline for submission of abstracts

25.08.2024 – End of registration

01.09.2024 – Hotel booking

30.11.2024 – Submission of full texts of articles


The main goal of SFM'24 is to present and discuss the latest advances in the field of biophysics of optical and laser technologies in biology and medicine, fine mechanics and control of optical and physiological properties of tissues and cells, coherent optics of random and ordered media, materials and environmental sciences, nonlinear dynamics of laser systems, laser physics, spectroscopy and molecular modeling, nanophotonics and nanobiophotonics.
Specific problems of imaging and engineering of eukaryotic genomes, laser femtosecond optoporation of cells and tissues for in situ transfection of cells, remotely controlled nanostructured systems for targeted delivery and diagnostics, development of technologies for optical ‘disruption’ of the blood-brain barrier and personalized treatment of aggressive forms of glial tumors, combined thermographic imaging and terahertz tomography of tissues in the diagnosis of skin and mucous membranes, photoacoustic technologies for early theranostics of metastatic tumors, studies of the fundamental mechanisms of sleep for the development of breakthrough technologies in neurorehabilitation medicine, as well as the development of methods for screening-wise non-invasive diagnosis of viral and bacterial respiratory infections using laser spectroscopy and machine learning will be discussed.

The main attention will be paid to basic research of interactions of coherent, low-coherent, polarized, spatially- and temporally-modulated electromagnetic radiation within the broad wavelength range from x-rays to terahertz with inhomogeneous scattering media and biological tissues and cells. Elastic, inelastic (Raman, SERS, and CARS) and dynamic light scattering, Doppler, photoacoustic, photothermal, and nonlinear interactions, tissue and cell mechanics, and photobiological effects will be considered.

On this basis, the variety of laser and optical technologies for medical diagnostics, therapy, surgery, and light dosimetry, as well as for diagnostics and imaging of random and ordered media will be presented. Studies on lasers, fibers, and microstructured waveguides will be discussed. Optogenetics, plasmonics, and biosensing also will be the key features of the meeting.