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Effects of microwave EMR on cyclosis and the rate of movement of chloroplasts in elodea leaf cells

Belyachenko Yu. A., Rytik A. P., Kutikova O. Yu., Timofeeva A. O. Saratov State University


The paper presents the results of a study of the effect of EMR on the intensity of cyclosis and the speed of movement of chloroplasts in the cells of the elodea leaf. The most optimal exposure time and frequency were determined, at which the greatest response of chloroplast cells to EMR was observed. It is also assumed that electromagnetic radiation affects the surface tension of the shell of the walls of the plant cell. The effect of millimeter waves on biological objects indicates the possibility of the existence of mechanisms of interaction of EHF waves with cells of plant origin, which affect the fundamental aspects of their vital activity and the functioning of cell membranes. Since the number of devices and devices generating various kinds of radiation increases every year, it is relevant to study their impact on living objects. The detection of the effect of the influence of EMR on the speed of movement of chloroplasts of cells inside elodea cells determines the relevance of such studies for scientific.


Timofeeva Anastasia Olegovna
Saratov State University


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