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Femtosecond laser marking of glass ampoule products

Ruslan V. Chkalov, 1 Darya G. Chkalova, 1 1 Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nicolay Stoletovs, Vladimir, Russia


Modern methods for identifying the authenticity of medical ampoule products require a high level of protection for labeled products. Classical marking methods are not able to fully protect products, since they are relatively easy to counterfeit.
A promising method for marking thin-walled transparent ampoules is the formation of structures in the bulk of the material by means of laser radiation, which have specified spectral and optical characteristics. The action of laser radiation on a transparent medium lead to its modification and a local change in the refractive index, which can be used for problems of volumetric information coding.
To test the presented technique for recording information in the volume of optical materials, a femtosecond laser microprocessing complex was developed, which is a set of hardware switched by means of cable electrical and fiber-optic communication channels. For the layer-by-layer formation of a topological pattern of structures, a software module was developed that allows you to set the parameters of sample processing and generate an executable command code for the technological complex.
The formation of encoded information in the glass volume by means of femtosecond processing, along with other anti-counterfeiting methods based on laser processing, such as recording holographic images on a photosensitive emulsion, meets the requirements for processing speed, cost, and reproducibility of operations.

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Darya G. Chkalova
Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nicolay Stoletovs, Vladimir, Russia


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