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Study of in Situ Pain Relief and Personalized Treatment of PDT

Dongqin Lei1, Rongrui Zhng1, Jing Wang1, Weihui Zeng2 and Cuiping Yao1*

1School of Life Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
2 The Second Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


PDT has been used for treatment of port wine stains in clinic, which has a good outcome, especially for children. However, the pricking and burning sensation during photodynamic therapy is very acute, which is hard to bear for children and prevent cooperation, which limit the use of PDT for port wine stain. Therefore, managing patients’ pain during PDT is a very important challenge that clinicians must face. Until now, there is no consensus on the best anaesthetic techniques to use when performing PDT for PWS. Here we have developed an in situ anaesthesia strategies, in which a nanostructure was designed to encapsulate the photosensitizer and lidocaine for medicine delivery and in situ releasing. For assessment of the pain relief of the pain during photodynamic therapy, the xenografted tumor of melanoma treatment was used to mimic port wine stain treatment due to the abnormal and abundant blood vessel in tumor. Results showed that the nanostructure can be achieve good outcome with pain relief that assessment by electrophysiology technology. On the other hand, to realize the personalized treatment of the PDT, using animal model, by combining wide-field spectrally resolved fluorescence imaging with a dual-band fluorescence spectral correction algorithm, we achieved quantitative detection of photosensitizer concentration and tissue oxygen saturation by calculating the absorption difference of hemoglobin. Narrow-band optical imaging was employed to calculate changes in target vessel diameter for quantitative assessment of photodynamic damage. The results demonstrated the effective detection of each dose parameter in PDT, enabling the prediction of treatment outcomes.

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Cuiping Yao
Xianning Xi Road 28, Xi'an


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