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The determination of native blood erythrocytes characteristics by digital spectral microscopy

Valeri A. Doubrovski, 1, Stanislav O. Torbin, 1, Igor V. Zabenkov, 2, 1 Saratov Satae Medical University, 2 Moscow Automobile and Highway State Technical University


This work is devoted to the study of the possibility to identify, to count and determine the standard erythrocytes characteristics of a native donor blood by static, non-flow digital optical microscopy. The object of the study was the whole donor blood diluted by saline and placed in the counting chamber. Among the standard erythrocytes characteristics the following were determined: the concentration of erythrocytes in a blood sample, the distribution of erythrocytes by volume (RDW), including RDW-CS and RDW-SD, hematocrit HCT, as well as MCV - the mean volume of one erythrocyte (Mean Cell Volume). In addition, the possibility to measure the hemoglobin content both individually in each erythrocyte and in the blood sample in the whole was investigated: MCH - Mean cell hemoglobin, MCHC - Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration and HGB - Hemoglobin
The blood samples were examined in transmitted light by Lumam P-8 digital optical microscope equipped by a Basler acA1920-40um camera. The identification and determination of the erythrocytes characteristics were carried out according to spectral features: the necessary interference and broadband light filters were installed in the optical channel of the microscope, photographic images of objects were recorded, and their computer processing made its possible to determine the blood parameters under study.
The specific of the hemoglobinometry proposed, in contrast to the standard one, is that the approach considered principally allows one to obtain information not only about the mean hemoglobin content in erythrocytes of the blood sample under study (MCH and MCHC), but the individual hemoglobin content in each cell (ICH - Individual cell hemoglobin and ICHC - Individual corpuscular hemoglobin concentration) also. This makes it possible to obtain histograms of the hemoglobin distribution in erythrocytes of a blood sample along with the traditional distribution of their volumes. This may serve as an additional tool in the field of hemodiagnostics.


Torbin Stanislav
Saratov State MedicalUniversity


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