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Chemometric analysis of the composition of hydroxyapatite after delipidation

Pavel Е. Timchenko,1 Elena V. Timchenko,1 Elena V. Pisareva,1 Mikhail Y. Vlasov,2,3 Оleg О. Frolov,1 Larisa Т. Volova,2,3 Ravil Т. Samigullin,1 1 Samara National Reserch University, Samara, Russia 2 Samara Medical University, Samara, Russia 3 "Samara Tissue Bank" Research Center, Samara, Russia


The results of the research of bone mineral component (BMC) composition using the Raman spectroscopy method are presented in the work. The subjects of the research were the groups of BMC samples made of compact bone tissue of cows using "Lyoplast"® technology where vacuum delipidation of initial material was replaced by the flow one by washing it out in hydrogen peroxide and ether. The solution filtration after bone tissue demineralization was used as additional treatment. The results of the experiment show that the flow delipidation can be used for preparing this biomaterial (BMC), which is cost-effective compared to standard vacuum cleaning and additional filtration stage can be rejected.

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Samigullin Ravil
Samara National Reserch University


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