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NIR spectroscopic effects of irradiation on skin tissue: Comparison Study of Invivo and Ex vivo

Priya Karthikeyana*,1, Ulriika Honkaa,1, Jesse Lohelaa,1,4, Kalle Ingeta,4, Hany Ferdinando1,
Sakari S. Karhulaa,4,5, Vesa Korhonena,3,5, Juha Nikkinena,4,5, Teemu Myllyläa,2

1University of Oulu, Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology, Oulu, Finland,
2University of Oulu, Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques Unit, Oulu, Finland,
3Oulu University Hospital, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Oulu, Finland,
4Oulu University Hospital, Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Oulu, Finland,
eMedical Research Center (MRC), Oulu, Finland


Radiotherapy is one of the well-established and effective methods for many cancer treatments especially for brain tumors. Despite remarkable advancements, the dose tolerances of normal tissues continue being the main limitation in Radiotherapy. Consequently, there is a high unmet medical need to develop predictive biomarkers, and particularly non-invasive real-time methods to establish the radiotherapy effect during the treatment, as well as to optimize radiotherapy dose planning to avoid severe short and long-term toxicities. This would provide truly adaptive, personalized radiotherapy based on biological effects and radiobiology.
Optical techniques are well suited for in vivo clinical tissue imaging as they are non-ionizing and can be label-free. In particular, NIR spectroscopy (NIRS) technology could be well suited for online monitoring clinical treatments in demanding clinical environments, such as, radiotherapy. In this report, we study use of spectroscopy, at near-infrared (NIR) range 650 nm – 1100nm, for measuring immediate effects of irradiation on skin tissue. In the following experiment, we show our preliminary result how X-ray energy affects skin tissue studied in vivo and ex vivo.
Keywords: optics, radiotherapy, fNIRS, brain, patient monitoring.

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Priya Karthikeyan
University of Oulu


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