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Prolonged microlattices for generation of green light

Vitaly A. Smirnov,1 Liubov I. Vostrikova,1,2 1 Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS 2 Departments of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Informational Technologies of NSUEM, Novosibirsk, Russia


Investigations connected with creation of new light sources for different microscopy tasks remain actual at present. There are problems with obtaining of the micro- and nano- light sources for studies of various small objects with high spatial resolution and also for coherent real-time control during the process of an organization of the high-ordered molecular and atomic systems. In this report the results of the investigations of frequency conversion with signal generation of green light on the micro-scale lattices integrated in volumetric isotropic mediums are considered. The attention is concentrated on analysis of samples with different chemical components and also on studying the properties of roused anisotropy in a number of effective multi-component matrixes. The compare of the influence of different elements is carried out and possible perspective geometry for forming of the prolonged microlattices uniformly distributed in volumetric mediums is considered.


Vitaly A. Smirnov
Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS


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