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Non-perturbative evolution of a two-level system in a non-Markovian bath and an external stochastic field

Victor A. Mikhailov,1 Nikolay V. Troshkin,1 1 Samara University, Samara, Russia


The character of evolution of an open quantum system is often encoded in the correlation function of the environment or, equivalently, in the spectral density function of the interaction. When the environment is heterogeneous, e.g. consists of several independent subenvironments with different spectral functions, one of the subenvironments can be considered auxiliary and used to control decoherence of the open quantum system in the remaining part of the environment. The control can be realized, for example, by adjusting the character of interaction with the subenvironment via suitable parameters of its spectral density. We investigate non-Markovian evolution of a two-level system (qubit) under influence of three independent decoherence channels, two of them have classical nature and originate from interaction with a stochastic field, and the third is a quantum channel formed by interaction with a bosonic bath. By modifying spectral densities of the channels, we study their impact on steady states of the two-level system, evolution of its density matrix and the equilibrium emission spectrums. Additionally, we investigate the impact of the rotation-wave approximation applied to the bath channel on accuracy of the results.

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Nikolay Troshkin
Samara University


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