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Monte-Carlo simulation of the propagation of low-coherence irradiation in intravascular space in soft biological tissue

A.Yu. Potlov, S.G. Proskurin, S.V. Frolov
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russia


A method for numerical simulation of the propagation of near-infrared optical irradiation in soft biological tissues with many blood vessels is presented. The statistical Monte-Carlo approach was applied as the theoretical basis of the method. The key feature of the suggested method is a dynamic approach to the geometry representation of the object under the study. In the early described standard approaches, the intravascular space is represented as a fixed distribution of optical inhomogeneities, which carries certain errors, since the simulated soft biological tissue is most often relatively motionless, and the flow has statistically significant velocity deviations relative to the tissue. The method describes the intravascular space as the area of fluctuations of simulated parameters of the blood, considering optical properties of the plasma and those of erythrocytes. Moreover, the fluctuation rate of the optical parameters for different parts of the intravascular space is considered to be different, and selected to be correspondent to the chosen flow velocity profile.


A.Yu. Potlov
Tambov State Technical University


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