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Evaluation of shear deformation in the wall of blood vessel phantom using intravascular optical coherence tomography

S.V. Frolov, A.Yu. Potlov, S.G. Proskurin
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russia


A method for evaluation of the magnitude of the shear modulus for the walls of cerebral vessels is described. The method is based on automated digital processing of interference signals from intravascular optical coherence tomography system in combination with raw data from invasive measurements of blood pressure and blood flow velocity in the vicinity of an intravascular probe. The key feature of the method is application of a pulse wave as the only deforming factor. To assess the shear deformation and the thickness of the deformed object the first structural image (without shear deformation characteristics at the moment of diastolic pressure detection) and the second structural image (with maximum averaged displacements for all structures of the tissue relative to the first image) are interchangeably analyzed considering the chosen control points. The described method is a highly accurate and fast alternative to the shear stress calculation in by the blood vessel wall using an individualized numerical model of cerebral hemodynamics.


S.V. Frolov
Tambov State Technical University


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