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Evaluation of the spatial position of a flow diverter in a blood vessel phantom using intravascular optical coherence tomography

A.Yu. Potlov, S.V. Frolov, S.G. Proskurin
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russia


A method for evaluation of the correctness of flow diverter deployment in a cerebral artery or its phantom was presented. The proposed method based on a two-stage approach to identify fragments of the flow diverter framework. The first stage is based on taking into account interference signal intensity peaks obtained by the method of intravascular optical coherence tomography. The identified elements of the framework (the intensity peaks caused by foreign material) are approximated by a grid to calculate the minor and major axes of the flow diverter, the angle of its inclination and the boundaries of the lumen of the blood vessel under the study. The second stage is based on the calculated values of Young's modulus and provides for obtaining additional information about blood pressure and blood flow velocity in the scanned area of the blood vessel or its phantom. The pulse wave is used as a deforming factor. Absolute displacements are calculated using control points. Young's modulus elastogram is used to refine the results obtained at the first stage, since the biomechanical properties of the flow diverter and the surrounding biological tissues are very different.


A.Yu. Potlov
Tambov State Technical University


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