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Tunable Parametric Up-Conversion of Mid- to Near-Infrared Using Multimode Resonance Regime in Nonlinear Graphene Metasurfaces

A.M. Lerer1, G.S. Makeeva2, V.V. Cherepanov1

1Southern Federal University, Faculty of Physics,
2Penza State University, Dept. of Radioengineering,


The possibility of the tunable upconversion of mid-infrared (MIR) to near-IR (NIR) wavelengths via the parametric nonlinear wave-mixing in the graphene metasurfaces is investigated using the developed mathematical model and numerical approach to solve the nonlinear boundary problems. First, we designed the linear spectral properties of graphene nanoribbon metasurfaces to support resonances of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) modes in the MIR range by choicing the pump and signal wavelengths equal to resonant wavelengths of the fundamental and high order SPP modes. The results of numerical simulation of spectra of the upconverted nonlinear emission, i. e. the intensity of the parametric emission at the combination frequency f3 = 2f1 + f2 in the forward (transmission T3) and backward (reflection R3) direction in the NIR range for various values of chemical potential µс in the graphene nanoribbon metasurfaces are obtained. It is shown the enhancement of efficiency of upconversion of MIR to NIR wavelengths by several orders for the optimal value of the chemical potential when the graphene nanoribbon metasurfaces are resonantly excited at SPP mode resonance wavelengths by the signal and pump waves.

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Vladimir Cherepanov
Southern Federal University


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