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Biophotonic approaches towards circulating tumor cell detection, cancer treatment and Nerve stimulation

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Although, cancer is considered as a localized disease in its pre-mature stages, in certain types of cells, it often is innate with patient becoming symptomatic and results in metastasis. Cancer cells are showered from the primary tumor cells into the circulating blood stream that finally forms metastasis. Thus, it becomes critical to identify and quantify the circulating tumor cells(CTC) during the early stages of tumorigenesis. Here, we discuss about the design and fabrication of a user-friendly custom-designed nanotag enabled portable system for the selective separation and isolation of CTCs from whole blood.
The detection should be followed by treatment. Gold nanoclusters of ultrasmall size comprising a few atoms are known for its unique feature of excellent fluorescent property. Herein, simple one step green synthesis method for the preparation of highly fluorescent silver doped gold nanoclusters using custom synthesized tripeptides Asp-Cys-Gly and Asp-Cys-Ser and its potential in generating ROS towards cancer treatment, and simultaneous imaging is discussed.
Finally, the feasibility of developing an optical neural stimulation, which is expected to contribute strongly to the development of an optical peripheral nerve stimulator will be discussed. We have evaluated various stimulation parameters for effective and safe nerve stimulation and reproducibility of the technique. The pre-operative diagnostic and therapeutic applications of this technique are also evaluated.


Jayasree R S
Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Scieces and Technology


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