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Study of microvasculature density using optical coherence tomography (OCT) angiography images.

C. P. Barrera-Patiño 1, Mirian Denise Stringasci 1, Lucas Orlandi de Oliveira 1, Éverton Lucas de Oliveira 1, Vicente Silva Mattos 1, Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato1,2

1 Sao Carlos Institute of Physics - University of Sao Paulo, Avenida Trabalhador São-carlense, nº 400, Parque Arnold Schimidt - CEP 13566-590, São Carlos - São Paulo – Brazil., São Carlos, SP, Brazil

2 Hagler Institute for Advanced Study, Texas A&M University, 400 Bizzell St, College Station, TX, 77843, United States of America


Aging is associated with attenuated vasodilatory responses of the skin's microcirculation to a variety of stimuli. Age-associated impairment in the vasodilator function of cutaneous microvessels may reflect the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The understood of the etiopathogenic mechanisms of increased vascular risk and its therapeutic implications is essential. In this study we investigate microvasculature changes in patients between 20 to 70 years using optical coherence tomography (OCT) angiography images. We propose to establish an effective tool for the study of human vessels in the field of skin aging research. With the help of computational tools, some of them developed for us, we determitated the diameters, density and vessel bifurcations evaluated from the images with the purpose to find a correlation with the age of the volunteers. Our goal is that the results will be processed in a fully automatic and repeatable way, providing quantitative information for each image.


Claudia Patricia Barrera Patiño
Sao Carlos Institute of Physics - University of Sao Paulo


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