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Method of fast intraoperative analysis of the intestinal wall optical properties in vivo

T.A. Savelyeva1,2, D.M. Kustov1, G.Sh. Egemberdy2, A.A. Krivetskaya2, S.S. Kharnas3, V.V. Levkin3, A.S. Gorbunov3, A.A. Shiryaev3, V.B. Loschenov1,2 1 Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilova 38, 119991, Moscow, Russia 2 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Kashirskoe Highway 31, 115409, Moscow, Russia 3 I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Trubetskaya 8/2, 119991, Moscow, Russia


Intraoperative determination of the optical properties of tissues is an important task of medical physics, in particular, in operations for colon cancer, during which monitoring of the optical parameters of tissues allows for personalized planning of photodynamic exposure.
Materials and methods:
In this work, we propose a new approach to the simultaneous measurement of diffuse reflectance and light transmission spectra by the tissue of the colon wall, based on the use of two fiber-optic devices to deliver broadband radiation both from the side of the intestinal lumen and from the outside of the intestinal wall, from which radiation is also recorded. To restore optical properties, it is proposed to use the Kubelka-Munk model. To assess influence of measurement conditions on the algorithm, numerical simulation of the light propagation through the intestinal wall by the Monte Carlo method was also used.
The developed method for determining the optical properties was tested in laboratory conditions on optical phantoms both in the standard measurement geometry with two integrating spheres and in the measurement geometry with optical waves on both sides of the sample. The first results of a clinical study of the proposed approach also were obtained, allowing to draw a conclusion about its applicability in a clinical setting.
Key words: optical spectroscopy, diffuse transmittance, diffuse reflectance, optical properties, intestines
The research was carried out within the state assignment of fundamental scientific research for state academies of sciences of the GPI RAS (theme “Physical methods in medicine and biology” No. 0024-2019-0003).

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