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Indocyanine green in nanoform - IR-photosensitizer for microglia studies

Maklygina YuS1, Romanishkin ID1, Farrakhova DS1, Ryabova AV1, Bolotin L2, Loschenov VB1,3

1 Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2 Research Centre for Automatic Control of Nancy, University of Lotaringia, Nancy, France

3 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow


To date, the problem of molecular profiling of gliomas remains topical. The cellular composition of brain tumors, as well as the specifics of functional changes of immunocompetent cells in direct interaction with cancer cells (tumor reprogramming) remain poorly understood. In this regard, an urgent task is to study in detail the process of functional restructuring of cancer and immunocompetent cells in their different microenvironment, as well as assess the possibility of control/management of this process by studying their interaction with photosensitizers by changing their fluorescence kinetics in different microenvironment. The most revealing and interesting agents to observe are cells of immunocompetent nature, namely microglia. As a result, the work has investigated metabolic processes in microglia by obtaining characteristic values of the lifetime of FS (ICG) located in macrophages/microglia of various phenotypes, at the subcellular and macro levels.
In addition, the study of intrinsic lifetime values of ICG (ICG in molecular and nano forms) located in tumor cells (glioma C6 ) and its comparison with the lifetime of ICG fluorescence in immunocompetent cells. Such analysis allows us to detect differences in cellular metabolism in cells of different phenotypes and hence to solve the inverse problem of assessing the cellular composition of tumour tissue.
In this regard, a time-resolved spectroscopic method with real-time recording of fluorescence spectra of IC-FS ICG (ICG in molecular and nano-forms) has been developed that allows non-invasive assessment of microenvironment type by changes in fluorescence lifetime in vitro .

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