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Synchronization of 2D van der Pol lattices with different inter-layer coupling between them

I.A. Shepelev, Saratov State University, Russia; A.V. Bukh, Saratov State University, Russia; T.E. Vadivasova, Saratov State University, Russia; V.S. Anishchenko, Saratov State University, Russia


We analyse the synchronization of spatiotemporal patterns based on spiral and target waves, which are realized in a multiplex network consisting of two nonidentical 2D lattices of the nonlocally coupled van der Pol oscillators. We study the syncronization and its features for two types of the inter-layer unidirectional coupling, namely dissipative and inertial. We show that the synchronization features for these cases are significantly different. When the inter-layer coupling is dissipative the synchronization between the layers is observed only for the strong inter-layer coupling or is even impossible. For the case of inertial interaction the layers are synchronized at sufficiently weak coupling strength. At the same time, there are ''desynchronization windows'', in which the layer regimes are no longer synchronized. We explain these phenomena by a noticeably different influence of the inter-layer coupling on the dynamics of individual oscillators in the cases of dissipative and inertial interaction of the layers.


Andrei Bukh
Saratov State University


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