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Relay synchronization in multiplex networks with different dynamics of layers

Elena Rybalova, Saratov State University, Russia; Galina Strelkova, Saratov State University, Russia; Vadim Anishchenko, Saratov State University, Russia


We study relay and complete synchronization in a heterogeneous triplex network of discrete-time chaotic oscillators. A relay layer and two outer layers which are not directly coupled but interact via the relay layer represent rings of nonlocally coupled two-dimensional maps. We consider for the first time the case when the spatiotemporal dynamics of the relay layer is completely different from that of the outer layers. Two different configurations of the triplex network are explored: when the relay layer consists of Lozi maps while the outer layers are given by Henon maps, and vice versa. Phase and amplitude chimera states are observed in the uncoupled Henon map ring, while solitary state regimes are typical for the isolated Lozi map ring. We show for the first time relay synchronization of amplitude and phase chimeras, a solitary state chimera and solitary state regimes in the outer layers. We reveal regimes of complete synchronization for the chimera structures and solitary state modes in all the three layers. We also analyze how the synchronization effects depend on the spatiotemporal dynamics of the relay layer and construct phase diagrams in the parameter plane of inter-layer vs. intra-layer coupling strength of the relay layer.


Elena Rybalova (
Saratov State University


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