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The Impact of Interlayer Coupling Defects on Synchronisation in a Two-layer Network of Nonlocally Coupled Logistic Maps

Tatiana R. Bogatenko, Saratov State University, Russia; Andrei V. Bukh, Saratov State University, Russia; Galina I. Strelkova, Saratov State University, Russia


Effects of interlayer coupling defects synchronization are studied numerically in a two-layer network of nonlocally coupled nonlinear oscillators. Each layer is a ring of nonlocally coupled logistic maps in the chaotic mode. We study external and mutual synchronization effects of chimera states for unidirectional and bidirectional intercoupling while individual elements of the layers represent disspatively coupled chaotic oscillators. Synchronization is estimated by calculating the uncorrected sample standard deviation between the symmetric elements of the interacting networks.
In order to make the numerical experiment more realistic we introduced defects by removing a predetermined amount of interlayer connections in several different ways. On the first step we removed 25% and 50% of interlayer connections in random and regular ways; then we introduced the so-called cluster intercoupling when the interlayer connection is only established via certain clusters of particles.


Tatiana R. Bogatenko (
Saratov State University


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