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Administration of Reactive Oxygen Species via Polymeric Microcontainers for Selective Photodynamic Therapy

Alexey V. Ermakov, Saratov State University


Microencapsulation and targeted delivery of reactive oxygen species (ROS) open a venue for new non-toxic and biodegradable systems. Here, we employ polymeric carriers either as a container to encapsulate ROS with the possibility of a controlled release or as an agent to produce ROS under the action of NIR light directly to the site of interest. We show ordered arrays of microcontainers made of polylactic acid functionalised with carbon dots to encapsulate ROS and release it in response to NIR laser treatment with a high spatial resolution. Suspensions of polyelectrolyte microcontainers were employed to encapsulate zinc phthalocyanine PTD agent which produces singlet oxygen in response to NIR laser treatment. Both systems were tested in vitro and demonstrated a high level of biocompatibility with low cytotoxicity. The developed systems promise prospective delivery routes in many areas such as wound healing by time and site-specific release.

This research was funded by Russian Science Foundation grant number 18-19-00354.


Alexey V. Ermakov
Saratov State University


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