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Change in the polarization of laser radiation upon reflection from an anisotropic plate

Yatsyshen Valeriy


The nature of the polarization of the reflected light when circularly polarized laser radiation is incident on an anisotropic plate is considered. It is shown that anisotropic plastic with an optical axis lying in the plane of incidence can effectively change the nature of the polarization of the reflected laser radiation when the angle of incidence on the plate is changed. This change is most pronounced under conditions of total internal reflection. The character of polarization can vary from right circular to left elliptical. The analysis of ellipsometric parameters for this case is carried out - it is shown that these parameters are more sensitive to such changes in the polarization of the reflected radiation. The noted regularities of changes in the polarization of an anisotropic plate can be used to control the polarization of laser radiation, as well as for nondestructive testing of anisotropic materials.


Yatsyshen Valeriy
Volgograd State University


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