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Research of the influence of the longitudinal displacement of the laser beam focusing on the laser perforation process

Atamanyuk Ramez G.,Volgograd State University
Khramov Vladimir N., Volgograd State University
Ril’ Ivan A., Volgograd State University


The report presents the results of an experimental study of the influence of the longitudinal focusing shift of a semiconductor laser beam on the process of laser perforation of holes in non-metallic targets. The capabilities of the developed system for autofocusing the laser beam of a technological semiconductor laser on the surface of the processed material are demonstrated.
For the research, non-metallic targets of various materials were used. The perforation was performed with a semiconductor laser operating at a wavelength of 450 nm in a continuous mode. The laser module power was 500 mW. The developed optoelectronic system for automatic focusing of the laser beam of a technological semiconductor laser is quite universal. The system design allows its use with various configurations of laser machines.
Experimentally, the optimal parameters of the technological unit were obtained to obtain the maximum values of the hole depth and shape factor for the selected materials. The results obtained allow us to conclude that the dependence of the parameters of the perforated holes on the longitudinal displacement of the focus really exists. Optimum process parameters and laser module travel speeds can be set for different materials. All this helps to increase the efficiency of using laser machines for various technological processes, including cutting, engraving, marking and punching holes.

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Khramov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Volgograd State University, Associate Professor at the Department of Radiophysics


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