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Fabrication and study of a coplanar waveguide transmission structure made by magnetron sputtering and laser ablation for microwave flexible electronics

Starodubov A.V., Saratov State University
Kozhevnikov I.S., Saratov State University
Serdobintsev A. A., Saratov State University


Scalable and cost-effective microfabrication approaches are highly desired in
manufacturing various RF and millimeter-wave circuits such as transmission
structures for flexible electronic devices. Flexible electronics play a key role in
wearable and wireless technologies used in personalized medicine, sensing, energy
harvesting, and communication areas. Here we report the results of fabrication and
study of microwave transmission structures of coplanar waveguide type on the
flexible dielectric substrate. An original approach based on magnetron sputtering
and laser ablation was used in the microfabrication process. The laser ablation
system is based on the ytterbium pulse fiber laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm
and 8 ns pulse duration. Transmission and reflection losses of microfabricated
transmission structures were experimentally studied by the vector network
analyzer. Experimentally obtained results were compared with numerical
simulations made by ANSYS HFSS software. The experimentally obtained results
are in good agreement with the numerical ones.


Ozhogin I.S.
Saratov State University


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