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Optimision of photodynamic opening of blood-brain barrier

Maria Klimova, Alexander Dubrovsky, Alexander Shirokov, Alexander Fomin, Andrey Terskov, Ilana Agranovich, Aysel Mamedova, Aleksandr Khorovodov, Valeria Vinnik, Inna Blokhina, Nikita Lezhnev, Ali Esmat Sharif, Anna Kuzmina, Sergey Sokolovski, Valery Tuchin, Edik Rafailov


The recently rediscovered meningeal lymphatic system (MLS) opens new insight into pathways of brain clearing and drainage functions that play an important role in neurorehabilitation. The development of breakthrough strategies for augmentation of MLS might be a promising therapeutic target for preventing of neurological diseases. Here we demonstrate photostimulation (PS, 1268 nm) of clearing and drainage function of MLS in healthy male mice. We uncover PS-mediated increase of the mesenteric lymphatic permeability to fluorescent macrophages via a decrease of expression of tight junction and transendothelial resistance. In sum, our results clearly show PS stimulation of meningeal clearing and drainage functions as well as effects of PS on permeability of the lymphatic endothelium to macrophages. These findings open new strategies for alternative nonpharmacological therapy of brain diseases via PS modulation of lymphatic mechanisms of the homeostasis of central nervous system


Mamedova Aysel (
Saratov State University


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