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Chemometric analysis of Raman spectra for evaluating hard palate implants

E.V. Timchenko 1 , P.E. Timchenko 1 , Volova L.T., O.O. Frolov 1 , E.F. Yagofarova 1
( 1 Samara National Research University,
2 Samara State Medical University, Samara )


The results of an experimental study of spectral features and chemometric analysis of the component composition of Raman spectra in the evaluation of samples of hard palate (HP) implants made using the "Lioplast" technology used in the clinic in the field of atrophic processes in multiple gum recessions using the Raman spectroscopy method are shown. It is shown that Raman spectroscopy allows obtaining verified results and can be used to evaluate changes in the composition of HP implants during their processing. Based on the coefficients introduced, a two-dimensional analysis was performed, showing that the main components are preserved and DNA/RNA is removed during implant processing, which improves the quality of the material, which provides the possibility of a good clinical effect in the treatment of multiple gum recessions.

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Yagofarova Elena
Samara National Research University


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