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Laser-Tissue Interaction

Alaa Sabeeh Shanshool, Saratov State University
Valery Tuchin, Prof., corr.-member of the RAS, PhD., Dr. Sc.,

Honored Science Worker of the Russia, SPIE & OSA Fellow, FiDiPro

Head of Optics and Biophotonics Chair, Saratov State University;

Supervisor of Lab. of Biophotonics, Tomsk State University;

Supervisor of Lab. of FemtoMedicine, ITMO University;

Head of Lab. of Laser Diagnostics of Technical and Living Systems,

Institute of Precision Mechanics and Control of the RAS,


Introduction: Understanding the fundamentals of laser light, the optical properties of biological tissues and light-tissue interaction, is essential for all health professionals wishing to work with lasers.
Aim: We will present some important factors that directly or indirectly affect the interaction of light with tissues.
Method: We will utilize scientific sources from book (Prof.Valery Tuchin, (( лазеры и волоконная оптика в биомедицинских исследованиях )) and from PubMed, Google Scholar and other fonts of publications and illustrations.
Discussion: We will discuss how some characteristics of laser light and the optical properties of biological tissue and matter, can govern their interaction.
Conclusion: The complexity of the optical properties of light and biological tissue and their interactive behavior, makes Biophysics. a challenging science. A minimum understanding, however, is necessary when utilizing this biotechnology. The specific optical properties of the tissue that will be receiving the specific light, will dictate which laser parameters and treatment protocols are best for the interaction to produce the best outcome and in the safest way. The recently accelerated new discoveries in the field of lasers, have stimulated the rising interest observed in the science of Biophysics.. The driving forces for the exploration of this biotechnology are constantly allowing new applications to be explored and providing new aspirations for future capabilities previously unthought-of.


Alaa Sabeeh Shanshool
Graduate student from Saratov University


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