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Method for identifying essential components to assess the variability of the pulse wave shape

Mariya O. Tsoy, Saratov State University
Dmitry E. Postnov, Saratov State University


Analysis of the pulse wave shape variability is an important step in the tasks of assessing the mechanisms of regulation and restoration of the central pulse.
This original method was developed to analyze the variability of the pulse wave shape regardless of the variability of the rhythm, that is, the value of the cardiointerval. A distinctive feature of the method is that the classical tool of spectral analysis - Fourier series expansion in harmonic functions - is used not for frequency analysis, but for describing the features of the pulse wave shape, regardless of its frequency-time characteristics.
As a result of the application of pulse waves to real signals, the central pulse is characterized by fewer and more stable main spectral components than the distal pulse. This fact makes it possible to solve the problem of restoring the central pulse from the data recorded at the distal points.


Mariya O. Tsoy
Saratov State University


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