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The study of the generation of alpha rhythm in patients with chronic headaches

M. Novikov1, R. Parsamyan1, V. Romanenko1, A. Runnova1, 2
1Saratov State Medical University,
2Saratov State University, Russia,


We present the results of mathematical modeling of the vibrational activity of the brain in the frequency range near 10 Hz (alpha-rhytm).
In this work, we consider two groups of patients with chronic and episodic headache, 15 patients each. Each test subject is carried out to a long-term cognitive test of attention, based on the analysis of geometric visual stimuli. The total duration of the experimental work with each patient is maintained for about 60 minutes. Arrays of EEG data from 31 channels are formed from the standard international spread of «10 – 10».
On the basis of mathematical and numerical analysis, all patients are independently clustered into 2 groups according to the estimation of the spatial center and the power of the alpha rhythm. Further comparison showed 90 % agreement between groups of independent clustering and separation of patients by the nature of pain. Thus, we can assume that chronic headache is accompanied by specific brain activity during prolonged cognitive activity.

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Michail Novikov
Saratov State Medical University


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