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Features of the development of a standard for testing the system of automated morphometry of clinical images of pigmented skin neoplasms

E. N. Rimskaya1, K. G. Kudrin2, I. A. Apollonova1, A.P. Nikolaev1, N.V. Chernomyrdin1,3, D. V. Davydov2, and I. V. Reshetov2,4.

1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow 105005, Russia;
2 Institute for Advanced Studies of the Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia, Moscow 125371, Russia;
3 Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 119991, Russia;
4 Sechenov Moscow State Medical University, Moscow 119991, Russia;


Melanoma among other lesions occupies a special position, since it has aggressive properties. To date, skin melanoma remains the leading cause of death in patients with oncodermatology, with a steady increase in the incidence of skin melanoma all over the world.
A digital processing of optical images provides a promising means to solve the problem of diagnosis of pigmented skin neoplasms.
Here we consider the technological specifics of designing a standard to determine the color and geometric parameters of skin neoplasms on digital images. Applications of the standard are not restricted to medicine. The standard may additionally be used in the fields where correct values are important to obtain for spatial and color characteristics of digital images in order to solve the problem of interest. The standard is simple in appearance, which is convenient for its rapid and correct detection in images via segmentation; i.e., it is a plastic card with a RGB color panel. An original technological procedure of standard manufacturing makes it possible to sufficiently correctly verify and calibrate the imaging systems used for morphometry of clinical images of pigmented skin neoplasms, thus ensuring that correct measurements are obtained for dimension, shape, and color parameters. The best suitable thermal-transfer printing parameters were selected experimentally.

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Rimskaya Elena
Bauman Moscow State Technical University


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