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Magnetic nanodiamond for bio-imaging and cells manipulation

Rajakar Selvam1a, Elena Perevedentseva1,2, Artashes Karmenyan1, Chia-Liang Cheng1*

1 Department of Physics, National Dong Hwa University
No.1 sec. 2 Da Hsueh Rd., Shoufeng 974 Hualien, Taiwan
2 P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute of Rus. Acad. Sci.
Leninskii pr-t 53, 199911 Moscow, Russia


Nanodiamond is one of the widely studied particles for bio-applications for its excellent physicochemical properties, biocompatibility, and ability to fluoresce without photobleaching which can be used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. With added magnetic property, the magnetic nanodiamond (MND) can be manipulated with the external magnetic field. In this work, MND (Ray Technologies, Ltd.) has been characterized by Raman spectroscopy and SQUID measurement to determine crystal structure and character of its magnetism; imaging abilities of MND were estimated using two-photon Fluorescence Lifetime imaging (TP-FLIM). Low cytotoxicity was demonstrated against cancer A549 cells using MTT assay. Magnetic manipulation of the particle leading to enhanced cellular uptake and further control of cells distribution has been demonstrated. The MND can be used as a potential carrier for delivering the drug or other molecules to the affected sites using an external magnetic with tracking using fluorescence imaging.


Rajakar Selvam
National Dong Hwa University


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